How To Send Bitcoin Prices or Other Cryptos To Telegram [Detailed Guide]

How To Send Bitcoin Prices or Other Cryptos To Telegram [Detailed Guide]

With the constant change in the prices of cryptocurrency due to high volatility, it is imperative therefore to keep track of the changes in prices of our favorite cryptocurrency pairs to stay informed and make appropriate decisions as deemed necessary.

Trading leverage, investment opportunities, research, and information purposes are a few of the reasons people keep track of the changes in the prices of various crypto pairs.

This detailed guide will help you track the prices of your favorite crypto pairs right in Telegram. For example, you can track the price change of Bitcoin in Ethereum or Dogecoin in USDT.


  • An Activepieces account for automation.

  • A Telegram account.

  • A Telegram bot.

We will set up an automation in this article that sends crypto price notification messages to our Telegram every hour to keep us updated with the latest prices. For the sake of this guide, we will get the price of BTC/USDT.

Detailed steps to send crypto prices to Telegram

1. Create an Activepieces account

Go to Activepieces and get an account if you have not. This automation process will be built there.‍

Click on the "Start building" button if this is your first automation or click on the "New Collection" button at the top right corner if you already have some existing automation in your account.

2. Set up the Schedule Trigger

We will set up a schedule trigger since we will be getting the crypto prices updated every hour. This simply means once it’s an hour past, then it is time to send the current crypto price to our Telegram.

Firstly, rename the collection to suit your preference, but for this article, let’s name it “BTCUSDT Price”, as this is the crypto pair for which price updates will be sent to Telegram.

Then, click on the Select Trigger box and search and select “Schedule”, this simply triggers the flow with a fixed schedule, in this case, one hour.

Then click on the Trigger field to select a trigger and select Every Hour, this triggers the current flow every hour.

If you would like to ensure the flow also runs on the weekends too, toggle on the Run on weekends, (Sat, Sun) toggler. We are going to toggle it on for this tutorial guide.

Your screen should look like this after this process.

3. Add the Binance step

We need to add to the flow the source where we will be generating this information on crypto prices onto our Telegram and for this tutorial guide, we will be making use of Binance as our source of information for our crypto price.

Click on the + sign just below the trigger step, click on the Select Step field, search and select “Binance”. Then click on the Action field and select Fetch Pair Price, this simply gets the current price of our crypto pair in real-time.

Click on the First Coin Symbol and input “BTC”, close the Data To In Insert field and click on the Second Coin Symbol and input “USDT” and also close the Data To In Insert field.

At the end of these steps, the flow should look like this.

4. Integrate Telegram into the flow

Upon successful completion of the previous steps, now we have to add the platform to which the generated crypto pair price will be sent. And for this tutorial, these crypto price updates will be sent to our Telegram.

To continue, click on the + sign just below the Binance step, click on the Select Step field, search “Telegram” and select Telegram bot. Then click on the Action field and select Send Text Message.

Then click on the Bot Token field and select Telegram-bot, input or copy and paste the Telegram Bot Token and click on save or click on the link provided in that field to refer to the Telegram piece documentation for more information on how to obtain the Telegram bot token.

Click on the Chat id field and input the unique identifier (Chat id) to send these crypto price messages to your Telegram. After this, click on the + Add Input opposite Optional Inputs text and select Message.

Click on the Message field and type in “Do you know BTC is currently worth this USDT? Now, you do!”, then click on Binance in the Data to Insert section, and replace “this” with your selection.

Once done, the current state of the flow should look like this.

5. Test the Flow and Publish

Run a quick test on the flow to make sure things are working as appropriate without error. Click on Test Flow to run the test then click on Publish at the top right corner of the page. You will start receiving price update notification messages on BTC/USDT crypto pair prices every hour from Binance on your Telegram.

Sending crypto prices to other channels

Telegram is not the only channel you can receive the prices on, you can also:

  • Send crypto pair prices to your team's Slack channel.

  • Notify a Discord server about new crypto prices.

  • Send an email notification or an SMS about changes in crypto prices.

We believe that there are no limits to what can be automated, and we built Activepieces to express this vision.